Ascot Wealth Platform offers the following services for Financial Advisers.

Our Investment Products

Ascot Wealth Platform provides access to a variety of products giving the benefit of being able to invest in over 3,000 investment choices including; Funds, Shares, Exchange Traded Funds, Investment Trusts and Discretionary Fund Managers. This wide ranging investment universe gives you the ability to create highly tailored investment strategies for your clients.

We can then help you and your clients to manage their account through our online and mobile app platforms.

The following products are available on Ascot Wealth Platform:

  • Junior ISA
  • SIPP
  • Stocks & Shares ISA
  • General Investment account
  • Offshore Bonds
  • Onshore Bonds

Fund Range

With Ascot Wealth Platform you have access to an enormous universe of over 3,000 individual choices for your clients. 
And you are able to create bespoke portfolios for your clients including:

• Shares – Making the potential for highly tailored portfolios possible.
• Open Ended Funds – Universe of over 2,800.
• Investment Trusts – Access to all Investment Trusts listed on the London Stock Exchange and many beyond.
• Exchange Traded Funds – A large universe of ETFs is available for low cost investment solutions.

Discretionary Fund Managers

Through the use of a Discretionary Fund Manager it is possible to reduce the time and administrative burden of keeping pace of the ever changing influences that affect global financial markets.

By passing investment decision making control to a discretionary fund manager, you give them responsibility for monitoring markets and executing investment decisions on your client’s behalf. As a result they are potentially able to invest in times of shorter windows of opportunity to possibly increase your investment returns, all whilst reducing the administrative burden of rebalancing portfolios.

The Ascot Wealth Platform has access to a wide range of discretionary fund managers who have multiple portfolios catering for different risk tolerances. These include 7IM, Schroders and Cape Berkshire.

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